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 independent Filmmaker

El Qassabi


Bassem ElQassabi is an Egyptian independent Filmmaker. He was born in 1983 in Cairo. He spent part of his youth in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Ever since he was a child he was fascinated by films and cinema & its ability to create a parallel reality.


Living in Saudi, a country with no cinema theaters, he started his career working in the creative field in the hope this will get him closer to filmmaking one day. He worked in advertising and publishing, for almost a decade where he grew to become a production manager. Bassem kept his passion alive and was waiting for the right moment. Bassem had the chance in  (2014) to work as a training assistant director for “The 48-hours Film Project” which was an intensive two-day film competition. In 2015 he became a creative assistant producer. This was his turning point and the moment of no return and decided to pursue his career in filmmaking and move to Cairo.


He received further experience by attending “The Zat Studio's Directing and Script-Writing workshops” alongside the director “Nadine Labky”. Afterward, he continued his career as an assistant director for more than six short films. By the end of 2016, Bassem had a chance to work as a producer in a documentary feature film "In the street". In 2017 he worked as an assistant Egyptian producer for Robert Bosch Stiftung’s award-winning short film script "The Trap" which was selected & nominated for Cannes Critics Week in 2019. 


Bassem continues to create films that evoke feelings of self-connection & reflection. 

Currently, he is working on a new journey of writing his latest short film script "Don't Kill the Mosquito" and renewing his true passion as a director.


His ongoing passion and love for cinema led him to work as an executive producer for a couple of short films.


His film “Moment” was selected for the “Alexandria Film Festival '' and “Masr Dot Bokra''. It was astonishing to attend both festivals for his 1st trial as a director and Cinematographer. In 2021 his short film "What We Don't See'' was released. It was a challenging adventure as he worked as a producer, scriptwriter, and cinematographer to portray his study and passion for the cinema to this new experience which he was pleased to be part of. “What We Don’t See'' was screened at Festival del Cinema di Cefalu - Italy, Clapperboard Golden Festival - Brazil, Lift-off Global - London, and Roaa Festival - Egypt. Moreover, “What We Don’t See” was nominated for Cinematography in Pinewood Studio. 





  Director Showreel 

A scene from Feature documentary film
Cairo Photo week Coverage



 Filmmaking Journey 

 0.1 Heritage

Assistant Director
"Heritage" is a short movie part of 48 hours of filmmaking (which makes the film from A to Z in 48 hours) it was my 1st experiment as assistant director and the film won the best character.   

 0.2 Video Clip "إغسل قلبك"

Executive Director 
The Video Clip is a stop-motion  Format, Done in a low Production since we were convinced with the concept. It takes 3 weeks for shooting since it works with 3 movement elements (Animation / Main Figure / Camera) Movements. 
My role was as the Executive Director and Producer. 

 0.6 "Lilith’s Trailer" Dance Short Film

Executive Director
Filming Dance Film  Experiment as much it was hard was great results, I was really looking forward to making it happen with the team.    

 0.3 Studio zat Graduation


One of 10 Projects I have directed in Studio Zat on acting students projects, It went viral on social media on different Fb page's attracting more than 21M Viewers

 0.4 "Moment" Short Film

Director / Videographer / Editor 
I i always had obsession shooting the streets and Iback in time i wondered " What if a boy and a guy had freedom to behave and been  them selfs to nehaive so i thought in this story where ever who ever trying to get back his lover in the streets of cairo>" and this was shot live from streets and it did not ending up bad not from anyone but the normal ppl yet during the shooting everyone loves us till the hagged and more then 2-3 time for each shot.
funny part while ppl gathering around someone made a jock by sayn out loud 
"Moment" my 1st 3 min short short film as a Director was part of a filmmaking workshop assessment that was nominated in two film festivals, and almost 1st experience as a videographer and edit it, as i part of the workshop and it become my 1st short short film  got selected in Alxedria short film Festival for the premiere in Alexandria short film festival also Masrdotcom film festival 2016.

 0.5 "في الشارع" Feature Documentary Film 

Producer | Videographer 
As part of the "Qtart" Project in Manya in the South of Egypt as it was shot for more than 6 months as we document every moment of the process to create performance within the workshop in collective work to perform it in the street of manya city. 

 0.7 "Maram" - Short Film Trailer

Director | Scriptwriter | Cinematographer | Producer


 0.8 "The Trap" - Short Film Trailer

Assistant Egyptian Producer 
20min | Egypt, Germany| 2019
Away from prying eyes, a young unmarried couple retreats to the depth of a desolate run-down Egyptian seaside resort, to make love. The power dynamic between them is tested when the girl reveals she wants their relationship to end. 

Film Festivals selections
Semaine de la Critique du Festival de Cannes 2019, France - World Premiere
São Paulo International Short Film Festival 2019, Brazil
Toronto International Film Festival 2019, Canada
Batumi International Art-House Film Festival 2019, Georgia
International Short Film Festival in Drama 2019, Greece
Pia Film Festival 2019, Japan
Bali International Film Festival 2019, Indonesia
Kaohsiung Film Festival 2019, Taiwan
International Short Film Festival of Cyprus 2019
Festival Curta Cinema – Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival 2019, Brazil
BAKU International Short FilmFestival 2019, Azerbaijan
Izmir International Short Film Festival 2019, Turkey
RIFF - Rome Independent Film Festival 2019, Italy
Cairo International Film Festival 2019, Egypt - Jury Special Mention
Rencontres Films Femmes Méditerranée 2019, France
Vilnius International Short Film Festival 2020, Lithuania


 0.9 Sight - Stop motion video 

Director | Videogorpher | Editor | Producer
One of the experimental videos has been done in the 14 days of art camp. 

 1. GrEEK campus - "new branch "AD" 

An advertising Ad for GrEEK Campus after they extend with a new branch
located in Mall of Arabia


 Random shots 

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